-What games do you have?

We are continually updating our inventory to have exciting new games. To see our current collection of games, please check our rental page.

-How much is the delivery fee and how is it calculated?

We base our delivery fees based on how much time it takes to get to an event from our headquarters. Anything within 20 minutes of our office (4230 Oxbridge Rd North Chesterfield, VA 23236) is a free delivery. Amount of time at 21 minutes and after incurs a delivery fee of $1.00 per minute there and back. Currently only servicing Virginia, District of Columbia, and Maryland areas.

ex.) Delivery time: 30 minutes. Subtracting the 20 minutes of free delivery, you would be left with 10 minutes that are subjected to a delivery fee. $20 would be due for delivery. $10 to event and $10 back to warehouse.

-How much does it cost to have a party?

Although the prices vary depending on length of the party and games selected, Level Up Rentals assures reasonable rates for all events. If you would like more details about pricing your event, please email us at contact@leveluprentals.com or check out our pricing page for more details.

-How much space do I need for a games?

Each of our games could easily be played in any size yard or driveway.

-Will weather conditions affect our party plans?

A Level Up Rentals representative will contact you to re-confirm your reservation 1 to 2 days prior to your event.  At that time we will discuss the upcoming weather forecast.  If it is apparent that it will rain during your event, a decision to cancel or reschedule can be made together. If the weather is questionable on the day of your event, together we will make the safest decision possible, prior to the delivery of your games.  If it starts raining during your event, unfortunately we are not able to offer a refund.

-Will I have to supervise my children during the party?

Adult supervision is not provided with our rentals. We do have the option of providing an attendant for a fee. However, parents and family members are welcome, and encouraged, to participate in the games and activities.

If you would like to learn more about Level Up Rentals, send us an email at contact@leveluprentals.com. We look forward to talking with you about our unique party game experience.